Leaving Google

After more than five years (and more than a decade if you count my first stint), October 2nd will be my last day at Google.

After taking a much-needed break, I’ll be joining the Checkout team at Stripe.

I am deeply appreciative of my time at Google and the people I crossed paths with along the way. I can’t thank the Go team and community enough for providing an environment to grow, make mistakes, and build lasting friendships. It’s been challenging at times but mostly fun and rewarding.

For those looking for a hidden meaning behind my departure, I’m afraid there simply isn’t one. The role at Stripe came up when chatting with a friend and as I spoke to more people it became clear that it was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

I plan to stay involved with the Go project as a member of the proposal review committee. Otherwise, I’ll be focused on taking time to recharge and on the responsibilities of my new gig. If you find me unresponsive on the issue tracker, that’s likely why :).

I’m extremely excited about the future of Go, the potential of Checkout, and the opportunity to recharge while enjoying the Fall weather in Manhattan. I’m taking suggestions on how to best spend my time off, so please reach out on Twitter with any books, podcasts, or activities you think I should check out.